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Three Pieces from Konundrum: Selected Prose of Franz Kafka on The Paris Review Blog


The Paris Review blog has published three selections today from our forthcoming Konundrum:  Selected Prose of Franz Kafka, translated by Peter Wortsman.  Nicole Rudick of The Paris Review writes that the “trio of prose nuggets” might be parables or something else entirely, but regardless they are enjoyable, and serve as a nice sampling of what’s in store for us from Wortsman’s selection.  The buzz surrounding this release is building, with the BBC having praised Konundrum just last week, which you can read here. Konundrum is slated for publication on October 18th, and Wortsman will also be joining Geoffrey O’Brien in conversation at Community Bookstore in Brooklyn October 20th at 7 PM, which you can find more details about here.

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