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New Website!


It’s here!

Welcome to our brand-new, snazzy website. For months, we’ve been quietly updating, and today, we finally launch!

Check out some of the new features:

To celebrate our website launch on this auspicious summer day, we’re giving away 20 copies of My Struggle: Book One, each in a lovely, minimalist Archipelago tote bag! 


To get a copy, comment on this blog post and tell us what you’re reading this summer. The first 20 comments on this post will get a free copy of My Struggle and a tote!


Make sure to check out our Twitter feed for similar opportunities!

We’ll be updating the blog daily, so check back frequently.


Happy reading, everyone.


The Archipelago Team


55 thoughts on “New Website!

  1. The new site looks great and this promotion is an excellent way to kick things off! I’m currently reading We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson. Very good so far and it makes me want to seek out more of her work.

  2. I have enjoyed your website and look forward to exploring the new features. My summer reading plan is as follows: In Search For Lost Time (at least get it started), My Struggle – Books 1 & 2, several books I’m studying about Exercise, Yoga & Anatomy for a course I’m taking, and Life After Life and the Golem and the Jinni if I have time.
    Congratulations on the new website and thanks so much for the book and tote bag!
    Happy Summer!!!

    1. A new tote would go a long way toward easing my struggle.

      I’m reading books for work right now; going to get some non-work reading in before the end of summer, though.

    2. Ik right this sight is good!!

  3. The new website looks great. The lovely Archipelago covers are visible easy to search through.

    Summer reading has so far included Sheila Heti, Georges Simenon, the Brothers Grimm and Elisabeth Rynell’s To Mervas.

  4. Whew! It works! Lookin’ good …

    Any plans to set up redirects for the old links? (Leastwise for the books?)

    1. Hi!

      Yes, eventually. We are a small (but mighty!) operation, so it may take some time.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  5. Love the new website!

    Currently reading a few of the new Sjon books that came out recently in the US, and after that will move to the new(ish) translation of Robert Musil’s “The Man Without Qualities”.

  6. I’ve been re-reading Philip Roth’s early novels, but soon I’ll be feeding My Struggle. Thanks!

  7. Beautiful new site – congrats. Summer reading so far is Maggie Nelson’s Bluets and and some beach reading of Amy Tan. And My Struggle, of course!

  8. Outstanding publisher gets an outstanding site! Can’t wait to leave work & dive into the new features & offers! Coupon for savings just made my decision to stay home for the holiday worth it, Thank You!

  9. Congrats! The site looks awesome!

    At the moment I’m reading Tolstoy’s War and Peace, Heidegger’s Basic Writings, and Kevin Wilson’s Tunneling to the Center of the Earth.

  10. Really like the new site, and your press. Great aesthetics all around.

    This summer I’m reading ‘Masters and Servants’ by Pierre Michon (loved the two books you published by him), as well as Ralph Ellison’s ‘Invisible Man’, and W.G. Sebald’s ‘The Emigrants’

  11. Re-reading If On a Winter’s Night a Traveler at present.

  12. I’m so happy to see the new website! Including the 2 books I just ordered (thanks so much for the generous discount!), I can now count a total of 30 Archipelago books in my collection. I’ve been a huge fan and supporter for a long time.

    Currently I’m finishing up The Guermantes Way volume of Proust and a wonderful Russian absurdist book called The Golden Calf published by Open Letter.

  13. So excited about your new site! I’m reading lots of poetry these days – Peter Davis, Bob Holman, and your very own Peter Altenberg

  14. My favorite publisher! The new site is beautiful! I look forward to your emails in my inbox each time!
    My summer reading has included My Struggle bk 2, of course. I am also discovering James Salter and Clarice Lispector for the first time.
    I’d love to point you all in the direction of my friends Matt Nelson and Jacob Perkins, who are running a great space in Bushwick, Brooklyn called the Mellow Pages Library. I’ve lent them my copy of “A Time for Everything” by Knausgaard to circulate – and they are doing great things with smaller publishers.
    Thanks to you all!


    1. Hi Jessica,

      Thanks for the tip on the Mellow Pages Library! I’m moving to Brooklyn in a few weeks and will definitely be checking it out.

      I’m also discovering Clarice Lispector for the first time!


  15. I’m happy to see Archipelago thriving – you’re simply one of the best publishers around.

    Ironically, I have no Archipelago books on the night table at the moment, as I’m making my way through everything I can find by Brazilian author João Guimarães Rosa (hard to find in English – maybe Archipelago could help rectify that?).

    And thanks for bringing out more of Antonio Tabucchi in English!

  16. Great to see this re-vamp! I’m the proud owner of the entire Archipelago poetry list, and can’t wait to get the tote bag!

  17. Hot re-vamp! I’ve been indulging in Trollope novels this summer. That, and Renaissance French poetry, some Norm Sibum, and this crazy cute little thing called The Eleven.

  18. The new website looks smashing! Very much looking forward to exploring it a bit more.
    Right now, my summer reading includes American Pastoral by Philip Roth, as well as poetry by Cavafis and Khadija Queen. All are recommended reading!

  19. Wonderful news. Love the cat and Knausgaard photo in your email. I’ll be reading Graham Greene all summer (with a little maritime literature thrown in).

  20. What a great new site. I’ll be sure to get a book or two later on. Congrats on the new site!

    Summer reading for me has been Édouard Levé, Bolaño, Salvador Espriu, and César Aira. Will probably do The No Variations by Luis Chitarroni next, but my queue is… immense.

  21. Excellent! Glad to see Archipelago forging ahead.

    My most exciting reading for this summer includes Clarice Lispector, Machado de Assis, and (complete self-indulgence) a second read of David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest.

    Just on this subject, as a student of Portuguese and Brazilian Literature I would love to see Archipelago develop a more robust catalog of works translated from Portuguese. There are so many out there that English-language readers are missing out on.

    Best of luck!

  22. Just finished Slauerhoff’s The Forbidden Kingdom and will be continuing to work my way through Anthony Powell’s A Dance to the Music of Time.

  23. Lovely new website. Fitting, as all the books you publish are so beautiful.

    I am reading Lydia Davis and Ben Marcus and a bunch of articles on the importance of Soup Tureens. I am helping a cousin write a paper on the topic.

  24. Love the new site! Looking forward to the reading guides.

    This summer I’m reading Stay, Illusion!, a study of Hamlet by Simon Critchley and Riders on the Chariot by Patrick White, though I could use some more e-books in my life as I’m sweating all these pages to pieces.

  25. Love the new website! I’m reading Bernhard’s Woodcutters at the moment. Later in the summer I plan to read D W Wilson’s Ballistics and Knausgaard’s My Struggle: Book 2, because I’ve a ticket to see them both at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. I’ll also be re-reading Eimear McBride’s remarkable debut from Galley Beggars Press, A Girl Is A Half-formed Thing.

  26. The new website is amazing!

    I am quite determined to start reading Bolano’s 2666 from the beginning and finish it this time!

  27. All the very best for the new website. There are very few publishers whose books I buy on the strength of their list but you are one. I have come across the most interesting writers through seeing your imprint and buying a book I otherwise may not have noticed. A very generous offer of 50% off as well. More power to ye.

  28. Congrats on the new site! I love the design and browse features, especially “browse by translator.” Have you considered also including “browse by genre?”

    As a brief respite from my dissertation, I have been reading _The Way of Kings_ by Brandon Sanderson. This week, though, it will be back to Stefan George’s “Algabal” and _Das Neue Reich_ [The New Kingdom].

  29. Love the new look. Looking forward to spending even more time on the site.

    Rereading the João Cabral de Melo Neto “Education by Stone”–every bit as enjoyable as the first time through!



  30. Lovely change for the site! I’ve been reading The Master & Margerita, as well as some recent titles from Archipelago and New Directions.

  31. Congratulations on the new website Archipelago! I just finished Jhumpa Lahiri’s new novel The Lowland yesterday and it was absolutely incredible. I hope my next read will be My Struggle!

  32. Congrats on the new website! I love Archipelago’s approach to publishing and the care it takes with all its titles, so I’m thrilled to see the new format! I’m currently reading essays by the amazing Chilean author Ariel Dorfman titled Other Septembers, Many Americas….and am looking forward to starting Archipelago’s beautiful edition of As though she were sleeping’ by one of my favorite authors ever, Elias Khoury.

  33. Congratulations on the new blog! I’m reading the young Mexican poet Benjamín Morales’ .U.S.S.A., Beninese poet Agnès Agboton’s Cantos del Poblado y Exilio, and Kenneth Koch’s new collected drama, from Coffee House.

    I’m psyched to add My Struggle to the reading list! Thanks!

  34. Congratulations on the new site, which looks great!

    This summer I am reading Line Break by James Scully, The Collected Poems of Octavio Paz, and the book I am currently translating, Ilahi Nama, Book of God, by Farid al-Din Attar. Oh, and I am also reading Attar’s The Conference of The Birds.

    Again, congratulations on the new site!

  35. Congratulations on the new web site!Having your books available as Ebooks will be very convenient,
    especially for people abroad, although your actual physical editions are gorgeous. I’ll be reading Joy Castro’s HELL OR HIGH WATER and finishing IT WASN’T ALL DANCNG AND OTHER STORIES, byMary Ward Brown, about whom I only learned from her obituary not long ago.

  36. Beautiful! Everything looks so clean, and I love the colors.

    This summer I’ll be reading Ellis Avery’s novels, starting with her debut THE TEA HOUSE FIRE. Then THE LAST NUDE.

  37. Happy to see your updated site, easy to order from! Current summer reading list consists of Rebecca Lee’s stories and Tove Jansson’s Summer Book, both great so far.

  38. Well done with the new site. A great publisher needs a great web presence. The past month I’ve read several Dalkey Archive titles by Goncalo M. Tavares, Ornela Vorpsi, Agalaja Veteranyi and Patriot Ourednik, also the new ones by Patricio Pron and Alejandro Zambra. Just finished Norwood by Charles Portis now onto Cased Closed by Ourednik. It’s. Been a great month of reading.

  39. New site is beautiful! Loved interning at Archipelago many many moons ago…So happy to see it flourishing. I still read “Telegrams of the Soul” every year!

  40. I’m loving the new website – very streamlined. So far, my summer reading has just been random poetry and Infinite Jest – which I’ve almost finished! I’m already on the lookout for new suggestions…

  41. The new site is excellent! Really loving the reading guide idea, especially the suggestions for further reading bit!

    My summer reading has been leaning heavily towards non-fiction. I just finished Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World, and before that was Sarah Bakewell’s biography of Montaigne, How To Live. And before those, Jean-Pierre Manchette’s darkly funny crime novella, Three To Kill. Right now I’m reading Tea of the Sages: The Art of Sencha, A Chinese Bestiary: Strange Creatures from the Guideways through Mountains and Seas, Wednesday Is Indigo Blue: Discovering the Brain of Synesthesia and Ancient Warfare: A Very Short Introduction. And lots more planned.

  42. The new website looks great. Very much enjoying the books you publish!

  43. The new site looks great! Very clean and easy to navigate. I was happy to see that E-books are now available as I’ll be on the road for the next two months!

  44. Lookin’ great! Currently I’m read Vol. 3 of My Struggle. Oh wait, that’s next summer. NOOOOOOOOOO!

    1. *reading* Oops.

  45. Have really been looking forward to the other volumes of My Struggle! I’ve been smitten since Knausgaard’s reading and discussion with Lorin Stein at 192 last year. Thanks, Archipelago.

  46. Thrilled to see the new site up and running! I will peruse it regularly, happily.

    I’m in the throes of Patrick Flanery’s new book Fallen Land, eager to dig into Javier Marías’s The Infatuations–and of course Book Two of Knausgaard’s My Struggle is not far from reach, beckoning me.

    Thank you for your terrific work, as ever.


  47. Quite nice, and thank you!

  48. Been following your publishing record for some time with interest. Good to see translated and non-mainstream titles given serious prominence. Literature owes you a drink or two! Keep up the good work. Am on vacation in USA (live UK) so been reading O. Sacks ‘The Mind’s Eye’, W Faulkner, ‘As I Lay Dying’, now Eliz von Arnim, ‘Enchanted April’ – a charming tale about holiday in a castle in Italy. None of them in translation, but will move on as ever to Chekhov short stories…

  49. Just saw this link for Adalbert Stifter, ‘Rock Crystal’, which I forgot to mention just now:
    Curious fairytale/morality tale by a writer much admired by WG Sebald,as noted in ‘A Place in the Country’, recently translated into English in the UK; read it last month. Recommend the essay on Robert Walser, one of my current favourites.

  50. Congratulations! The new website looks terrific. Look forward to going book shopping!

    I’m currently reading the newly published “The Tinker GIrl” by a friend of mine, Mhari Matheson. A lovely story beautifully crafted.

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