The Storm


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Published: Coming November 2018

Book Description

From one of Colombia’s most acclaimed contemporary novelists, The Storm is an atmospheric, gripping portrait of the resentments that devastate one family. Twins Mario and Jose do not know how to cope with the hatred they feel for their father, an arrogant man whose pride corrodes everything he touches. Perched on the edge of the Caribbean Sea, the family is trapped in spiral of distrust, love, and fear that belies the lush, calm landscape about them and that explodes over the course of a fateful fishing trip straight into the maw of a brutal storm.


In the Beginning Was the Sea [is] a book that simultaneously works as a political parable, a novel, and a mournful confessional... written in a fashion meant to hold up his own grief and disorientation as its own strange flower, an emotional germination meant both to stand on its own and be inseparable from all that surrounds it, an individual "you," straining to emerge from a ceaseless body of discovery, loss, memory, and their insatiable repetition.

Los Angeles Review of Books

The lyrical, haunting story has the feel of a fable--a young man and his beautiful wife abandon their hectic, intellectual, night-clubbing life in the city to buy a farm on an undeveloped stretch of coast--while the spare, disquieting prose suggests the start of an art-house horror film.

Daniel Levine, Words Without Borders

González poetically and comically captures the inevitable destruction of those who live in a world of fantasy and hubris, depicting beauty and despair by turns.

Publishers Weekly

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