My Valley


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Published: Coming March 7, 2017

ISBN: 978-0-914671-62-6 eISBN: 978-0-914671-63-3

Book Description

Claude Ponti is one of France’s most celebrated children’s writers. His works create captivating fictional universes through wordplay and illustrations of incredible detail and beauty. In 2006, he was awarded the Prix Sorcières Spécial for his lifetime achievement. In My Valley, Ponti leads us on a journey through the enchanted world of the Twims (tiny, extremely lovable, monkey-like creatures), a universe where uprooted buildings soar through the sky, trees keep the secrets you whisper to them, magic seeds grow into huge ships, and singing stones make children’s wishes come true. Ponti has said of his works, “My stories are like fairytales, always situated in the marvelous, speaking to the interior life and emotions of children. That way each child can get what they want out of the images: the characters and dreams are their own.”

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The work of Claude Ponti bursts to the point of vertigo; My Valley is a marvel, a book in the line of Borges, oriented toward infinity. My Valley is a masterpiece of children’s literature, a masterpiece of images and of text, of dreams – quite simply, a very great book.

Au bout de la corde

Each page is an invitation to reverie, a small tale inside a large, dense and enigmatic such that you will linger there in contemplation.

Anne Diatkine, Libération

Claude Ponti, in my eyes, is one of the most essential authors in the whole of children's literature. His bursting creativity and the wealth of his images incite the almost systematic pleasure of children. The Pontian universe, with its many cultural and artistic references, its themes and its language distinctive of the world of childhood, its originality in its forms, colors, typography, and the arrangement of its scenes, presents an offering of narratives that strongly engage children's emotions and which meet them on the horizon of their expectations. Here children often find the power that a new piece of knowledge or the control of a word bring, and which allows them to influence their destiny just a little bit more.

Annie Dupin

Ponti is a necessity in any children's library.

Virgule et Papillon