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Thank You for Celebrating With Us!

Dear Friends,


Our warmest thanks for attending Archipelago Books’ Tenth Anniversary Gala. It was a magical evening, and we were so moved to see all of you—the community that surrounds and supports this press—come together to celebrate our translators and authors, and international literature as a whole.


We were so pleased that you were able to be with us to hear Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o’s impassioned words about the importance of publishing underrepresented voices from outside the Eurosphere, the vital and poignant connection that Paul Auster drew between the work we do as publishers and the sociopolitical climate of this country, as well as our beloved translator Bill Johnston’s personal reflections about his ongoing journey with Archipelago. We were delighted to share these moments with so many of our friends and supporters.


This was not only a beautiful evening, it was also our largest fundraiser to date. Your generous contributions will allow us to continue publishing extraordinary translations of classic and contemporary literature from outside our borders. Many of you have been involved with the press from the very beginning, and it is from a deep place that we thank you for your continued collaboration. And to our new friends, welcome! We hope you will remain involved for decades to come.


We’ve posted a few photos from the dinner and cocktail party below. Thank you again for being a part of this milestone event. It was a joy celebrating with you.


We thank you.


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