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Review of BLINDING in London Review of Books

Martin Riker has just reviewed Mircea Cărtărescu‘s Blinding, translated by Sean Cotter, for the London Review of Books, as well as his previous book, Nostalgia (New Directions). Riker compares the two:

Blinding can seem like a surprising next step after Nostalgia, whatever stylistic qualities the two books may share. Nostalgia describes a multiple, uncertain, open-ended world while Blinding expands inward, plumbing the infinite depths of an individual imagination. It’s as though Cărtărescu has chosen to withdraw from any topical literary or cultural conversation, and that rather than attempting to stitch together a fragmented contemporary reality, he is returning to a time that never actually existed, an imaginary time when all genres were one genre and all discourses one discourse, before everything broke into parts.

Read the full review here.

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