Newcomers: Book Two


Translated from by

Published: Forthcoming January 28, 2020


ISBN: 9781939810403
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Book Description

In this second part of the famous Slovenian writer’s autobiographical novel, the narrator details the dangers and humiliations of his boyhood living in occupied Slovenia in the Second World War. The second part of Lojze Kovačič’s autobiographical novel, considered by some to be the most important Slovenian novel of the 20th century, describes his half-German family’s life in Ljubljana during the Second World War. The young protagonist Bubi is a perpetual outsider — exiled from Switzerland in 1938, his family returns home to Ljubljana, where their half-German background makes them stick out in local society. Reeling from the loss of his home in Switzerland, and surrounded by a language he can’t quite master, Bubi confronts the challenges and humiliations of growing up in a strange environment. Narrated with uncanny naïveté, the novel flits between memories of tenderness and shocking violence as Bubi navigates friendship, family, and his burgeoning sexuality in a land under hostile occupation.

Praise for Newcomers

"Kovacic impressively catches the mood of the early years of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The volumes are masterpieces. They are bitter, but grippingly intense in their description... Newcomers is a mnemonic sleight of hand of botanical exactitude, a weighty historical document whose significance will only grow."

Sign and Sight

"Epic and panoramic... Newcomers turns stereotypes on their heads, as novels of the century should do—stereotypes such as the dignity of rural poverty, the unifying sanctity of the Slovenian language, and the noble heroism of resistance."

Erica Johnson Debeljak, Context

"One of the major Slovenian prose writers of the last sixty years."

Words Without Borders

"Lojze Kovačič is one of the most important writers of our time, one who confirms our world in both text and deed."
Miljenko Jergović

An excerpt of Lojze Kovačič’s “A Boy and Death” was published on Words Without Borders.

In this translated essay in Primerjalna Književnost (Comparative Literature), published by the Slovenian Study for Comparative Literature, Alenka Koron writes about Lojze Kovačič’s work and influences, using the author’s personal library as a central focus. The essay starts on Page 107 of the PDF, which features many other fascinating, translated analyses of Slovenian literature.