Landscape with Yellow Birds


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Published: June 4, 2013


ISBN: 9781935744801 eISBN: 9781935744818
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“Considered by many to be the major poet of postwar Spain– the primary heir of  Machado, Jiménez, García Lorca, and Cernuda–José Ángel Valente has taken a long time to reach English, but Thomas Christensen’s crystalline translation has made it worth the wait.”

—Eliot Weinberger


“Spain’s greatest contemporary poet.”

— The Independent


“His work retains recurring notes of critical protest, but these are driven less by the conditions of life in postwar Spain than by general ethical and philosophical preoccupations. Valente reveals the conviction that poetry starts with the word, rather than external reality. His tendency toward metapoetry rapidly became a signal characteristic of his generation of poets.”

— Douglass M. Rogers, professor of Spanish of literature at the University of Texas


“One of the most important poets of postwar literature. Valente’s work … answers to a single commitment: with the word.”

— El País (Spain)

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