Horsemen of the Sands


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Published: Coming September 4, 2018

Book Description

Horsemen of the Sands gathers two novellas by Leonid Yuzefovich, one of contemporary Russia’s most acclaimed writers: “Horsemen of the Sands” and “The Storm.” The former tells the story of R.F. Ungern-Shternberg, a military adventurer who, driven by an intense fascination with the East, seized control of Mongolia during the Russian Civil War. Told through the eyes of a young Soviet officer and Mongolian herder, “Horseman of the Sands” plunges the reader into the last days of the man known as the “Mad Baltic Baron.” “The Storm” centers on an unexpected emotional crisis that grips a Russian elementary school on an otherwise regular day, unveiling the emotional bonds and shared history that weave together its community of students, teachers, parents, and staff.