The Fullness of Time: Poems by Gershom Scholem


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Published: Coming January 2018

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Book Description

Gershom Scholem’s The Fullness of Time contains darks, lucid political poems about Zionism and assimilation, parodies of German and Jewish philosophers, and poems to friends such as Walter Benjamin, Hans Jonas, Ingeborg Bachmann, and S.Y. Agnon, among others. The earliest poems in this volume date 1915 and extend to 1967, revealing the formative place of poetry in Scholem’s life and career. Translator Richard Sieburth comments, “Scholem’s acts of poetry still speak to us (and against us) to this very day, simultaneously grounded as they are in the impossible eternal and profoundly occasional. The volume is edited and introduced by Steven M. Wasserstrom, who situates the poems  in Scholem’s historical, biographical, and theological landscape.

Gershom Scholem's scholarship was of [the] rare, life-giving kind. Not only have his studies of the Kabbalah altered ... the image of Judaism--but his explorations, translations, and presentations of Kabbalistic writings exercise a formidable influence on literary theory at large, on the ways in which non-Jewish and wholly agnostic critics and scholars read poetry.

George Steiner, The New Yorker

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