A Dream Come True


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ISBN: 9781939810465
This item will be released on November 5, 2019.
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Book Description

A Dream Come True will be the first extensive collection of this classic Uruguyan author’s short fiction ever published in English. Onetti is truly one of the greats of Latin American literature. With prose vibrant and readable, Onetti won the most prestigious Spanish literary prize, the Premio Cervantes.

Onetti had the strange quality of being inimitable and at the same time creating an entire school of writing. All of his descendants, myself included, received from him a lesson on narrative intelligence, on wise construction, on an immense love for literary imagination, on risk and irony.
Carlos Fuentes

Onetti is the first modern writer in our language...His world is a dark one, highly pessimist, with a vision of the human condition that is profoundly desperate, and which we would reject if it didn't reach us with such a wonderful language...I can assure that, without the great books that I've read, among which I can count Onetti's books, my life would have been infinitely poorer.
Mario Vargas Llosa

Onetti is an epiphany, a celebration of beauty, of emotion and tenderness.
Antonio Muñóz Molina

Onetti’s writing is so good, a mere sentence by him will give you goosebumps. If I had to sell my soul to the devil in order to write a sentence in Spanish like someone else, I would think about very few authors: Borges, Onetti.
Carlos Gamerro

Onetti’s writing knew that literature is creation, that creation is reality and not repetition or recreation, that it is about finding a good story to tell and then tell it beautifully.
Carlos Liscano