The Farm


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Published: Coming April 17, 2018

Book Description

Pilar, Eva, and Antonio Ángel are the last heirs of La Oculta, a farm hidden in the mountains of Colombia. The land has survived several generations. It is the landscape of their happiest memories but it is also where they have had to face the siege of violence and terror, restlessness and flight.

In The Farm, Héctor Abad illuminates the vicissitudes of a family and of a people, as well as of the voices of these three siblings, recounting their loves, fears, desires, and hopes, all against a dazzling backdrop. We enter their lives at the moment when they are about to lose the paradise on which they built their dreams and their reality.

“I myself was in exile for many years. Now I am back and can see a serious effort to realize the dreams my father had 30 years ago.” Read the rest of Héctor Abad’s interview with Deutsche Welle here.

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