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Book Description

“Roads move cautiously around the High Country…” So begins Ennemonde, the story of the titular woman, but also of her sons, daughters, neighbors, lovers, and enemies, and especially of the mountains that serve as a backdrop to their home in Southern France. This is a place of great beauty, and terrifying vigor, where violence strikes suddenly, whether from the hand of a neighbor or from the sky itself. Giono captures every wrinkle, glare, and glance with wry delight, celebrating the uniquely tough people whose eyes sparkle with the cruel majesty of the landscape. Full of unexpected detours and startling insights, Ennemonde will take you by the hand for an unforgettable tour of this master novelist’s singular world.

In his novels, Giono's sensuous eye for detail, his fine insight into human behavior and the scope and resonance of his language transform every landscape, every encounter between his characters into an intimate, almost physical experience. The narrative has the compression of a short story... and leaves one feeling marked by an unusual sensibility, at once violent and tender.
Lydia Davis, The New York Times

Giono’s writing possesses a vigor, a surprising texture, a contagious joy, a sureness of touch and design, an arresting originality, and that sort of unfeigned strangeness that always goes along with sincerity when it escapes from the ruts of convention.
André Gide, unpublished letter

For Giono, literature and reality overlap the way that waves sweep over the shore, one ceaselessly refreshing the other and, in certain wondrous moments, giving it a glassy clearness.
Ryu Spaeth, The New Republic

Giono’s voice is the voice of the realist; his accents are the accents of simplicity, power and a passionate feeling for a land and a people that he must love as well as understand.
The New York Times

Giono’s prose is a singularly fine blend of realism and poetic sensibility. Essentially a poet, he has an acute faculty of penetration, a lucidity of spiritual vision, and a tender sympathy.
The Washington Post

Giono creates an atmosphere that is both contemporaneous and timeless... the epic instinct is active.
Ray C.B. Brown