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Congratulations to Jill Schoolman for winning the Premi J. B. Cendrós!

Join us in congratulating Chad W. Post of Open Letter Press and our publisher, Jill Schoolman, for winning this year’s Premi Internacional J. B. Cendrós!

The Premi J. B. Cendrós is awarded every year by the Òmnium Cultural in Barcelona for the international publication or broadcast in any language of works originally published in Catalan. Òmnium Cultural is a Catalan association based in Barcelona, Spain, founded in 1961 with the goal of promoting the Catalan language and culture in Spain and abroad.

Jordi Cuixart, the president of Òmnium Cultural, writes in the award memorandum that “to strengthen the universal dimension of Catalan literature is not only a way of normalizing it, but also a step towards repairing the persecution that it has suffered… Schoolman and Post have contributed towards a world that is more critical, more sensible, and more free.”


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